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Summary of Client Satisfaction Surveys

2014 Client Satisfaction Survey Results


Early Intervention: Blind Babies Program

45 Parents/Caregivers Surveyed
  • 98% of parents would recommend the program to others.
  • 98% of parents agree/strongly agree that program has helped them.
  • 100% of parents agree/strongly agree that staff treated them with respect.

Florida Heiken Children's Vision Program

115 Schools Surveyed
  • 97% of schools found they had no difficulty scheduling the visit.
  • 97% of schools were satisfied with the overall scheduling process.
  • 100% of schools stated exams began one hour from the time the team arrived (one school did not take note of the time).
  • In addition, of the 1,400 families contacted in our recent Heiken Children’s Vision Program market research survey, underwritten by the Health Foundation of South Florida, 74% of the respondents reported that their child had improved academically because of the services provided by our Program.

Summer Training and Recreation Program

33 children age 5-13 surveyed
  • 100% of kids felt they were treated fairly and were in a safe environment.
  • 90% of kids would recommend the STAR summer program to their friends.
28 parents surveyed
  • 100% of parents surveyed felt that their kids were treated fairly and were in a safe environment.
  • 100% of parents surveyed felt that the summer program helped their kids do better in schools.

Music Program

26 students age 13-22 surveyed
  • 100% of students surveyed agreed/strongly agreed that the program helped them become better musicians.
  • 100% of students surveyed agreed/strongly agreed that the instructor responded to their individual needs.

Transition Program

25 students age 14-22 surveyed
  • 72% of students felt the program made them feel more independent
  • 84% of students felt their instructors were knowledgeable and prepared.
  • 73 % of students felt their work experience prepared them a job.

Low Vision

68 adults surveyed
  • 100% of people surveyed felt the doctor treated them with respect.
  • 97% of people surveyed felt they benefitted from OT services.
  • 100% of people surveyed were satisfied with the services received from the store.

Vocational Rehabilitation

76 adults surveyed
  • 90% of clients (surveyed) reported that they felt more independent due to the services they received.
  • 60% of clients reported they felt services had prepared them for a job.

Independent Living

43 adults surveyed
  • 97% of clients (surveyed) reported they would recommend lighthouse services to their friends and family.
  • 95% of clients (surveyed) reported that they felt more independent due to the services they received.

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Florida Heiken Program


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Low Vision Center


State of Vision
Sales of the “State of Vision” license plate support services to blind and visually impaired people. Miami Lighthouse is the recipient of a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this license plate. The cost is $25.00 in addition to the regular registration fee.




STAR Summer Camp Children Testimonials

  • STAR is really cool. I like it because I get to be
    with all my friends and learn a lot during summer,
    from typing to art to music.
    - Marino, age 12

  • STAR is fun because we get to read a lot, go on lots of field trips, use the computers and learn programs like PowerPoint. I make a lot of friends here and get to learn things with them. It's a lot better than staying at home watching TV during the summer!
    - Madisleny, age 11

  • We learn a lot and have fun activities in STAR. The large print books I get have helped me a lot in school, and I like learning with a lot of friends that
    I've made here during my second year in STAR at Miami Lighthouse.
    - Taknighis, age 12


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Miami Lighthouse was recognized at the 2015 Florida Blue Foundation Sapphire Awards luncheon as an organization that has demonstrated excellence and innovation in community health.


Miami Lighthouse ranks among the elite 1% of U.S. nonprofits having earned ten consecutive 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator, the nation's premier independent nonprofit evaluator. Receiving such a distinction reflects our sound fiscal management, responsible use of donor dollars, and financial strength.


Miami Lighthouse has earned the Gold participation level through the GuideStar Exchange which is a testament to Miami Lighthouse's commitment to data transparency.


Early Intervention Blind Babies Program Named the Children's Trust 2016 Program of the Year. This most prestigious award recognizes this Early Intervention Program, in particular, for including parents as teachers.







Miami New Times - Best of Miami 2017




Miami Lighthouse received the prestigious 2015 Beacon Award in Education at the 13th Annual Beacon Council Awards.


Miami Lighthouse was the recipient of the 2013 Switchboard Miami All Star Most Valuable Non-Profit Award.


Miami Lighthouse is a two-time Charity Partner (2013 and 2014) of the Marlins Foundation and a 2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Legacy Partner. Our Florida Heiken Children's Vision Program has received over $300,000 in charitable donations through these partnerships.


Miami Lighthouse named "Best of Miami" Charity 2017 by the New Times.






Miami Lighthouse received United Homecare’s 2012 Thelma Gibson Community Service Award at the 18th Annual Claude Pepper Memorial Awards Ceremony.


Miami Lighthouse received a Silver medal at the 2016 Miami Today Gold Medal Awards Ceremony.


Miami Lighthouse received the prestigious South Florida Business Journal 2011 Excellence in Health Care Award in the Community Outreach category.


Miami Lighthouse honored by being named the recipient of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce 2010 Non-Profit Business Diamond Award.


Miami Lighthouse received the prestigious 2008 Concern Award from Health Foundation of South Florida.


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